Turn Your Web Browser Night Friendly with these Addons

Night-friendly addons to dim your web browser colors

Most of us likes to browse computer during the night time. But here’s the problem, most of websites use bright colors and you know how much a regular bright color can hurt your eyes. In long term use it will damage your eyes.
These following addons will help you to browse internet during the night time, inverting websites’ colors in negative. Addons that are represented in here are especially made for popular and peoples favorite browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading, helps you to invert your browser colors in Firefox

Users of Mozilla Firefox has a cool characteristic option in which you can highlight content and then transform the content into reading-friendly. Pop up the options and redo the page foundations, content text, and links, so it looks precisely how you need it to look.

Chrome’s Official Plugin High Contrast will ease your eyes for night reading

Google’s accessibility extensions for Chrome just like “High Contrast” addon are awesome.
What's particularly pleasant is that you can situate it for every site groundwork, so assuming that you use regular destinations that as of recently have "night modes" implicit, you can overlook them from being modified. What's more, you can set Ctrl+shift+f11 to flip reversal on any site you need. Most importantly, it really looks great when its empowered a ton of color reversal tweaks can truly make your screen look odd, while this expansion makes everything look sort of characteristic.