Tutorial how to install TS3 server on linux

TeamSpeak 3 was released in 2011. It has many good features compared to older version TeamSpeak 2. It's good for clans and gaming communities, take it to the next level with your community. But why not for offices and work also, Where you have to be connected with your work mates 24/7. This is one way to have secure and controlled environment for your work or community. This guide will lead you how to install TeamSpeak 3 for linux server or home computer.

How To Host Murmur Mumble Linux Server

Are you looking forward to speak with multiple of people same time? Mumble won’t disspoint you with it’s high-quality codecs, low latency and lightness. Did you know that Mumble was outlined for gamers? That implies that mumble is great for having group VoIP chat in-game or even at office.

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