Poor Man’s Spotify — Good spotify alternative for Linux Geeks

Good spotify Alternative for Linux

I was looking for very simple Spotify alternative for Linux that would work just like the mplayer. So I found Poor Man’s Spotify which was exactly what I was looking for.
PMS is command line music client which requires mplayer to work and is programmed with python. This is good alternative for Linux geeks like me who just like to keep it really simple and lightweight as possible! With PMS you can create playlists, search for music and download music.

Installing Poor Man’s Spotify

Since you can’t get the PMS from default sources you have to get latest Git from the project page.

git clone https://github.com/np1/pms.git
after this you have to navigate in to your pms folder
cd pms
and then you can run it by using

also you can create alias for this so you can drop the ./ front of the command.
Let’s open up .bash_profile or .bashrc
alias pms='/usr/bin/python ~/pms/pms’
now run command below or logout and log in to make the change to work.
source .bash_profile

Basic Usage

Now you can type the artist number and start playing your music or put “d” before the number to download the song. Note that while searching PMA lists only 20 results at a time and you can navigate to next / previous page of results by typing “n” or “p”.

The basic music navigation while listening music:

  • <- and -> to seek music backward and forward for ten seconds
  • DN and UP to seek music backward and forward for a minute
  • Page DN and Page UP you can go to the song you were listening previously or to next song.
  • p and pause to pause and unpause the song
  • 9 and 0 you can decrease/increase the volume
  • q return to your previous page / search

for more commands type “h” or “help”.

Final words

This is one of the projects that would fit in to such desktop environments as i3, awesome and dwm. I love to keep everything really simple on my linux and this is just the thing I needed since I use Quake and Terminator terminal environments while being connected via ssh to multiple of servers and this tend to keep me unfocused if I keep any not-terminal software open but this just solves it. I recommend you guys to try this very lightweight terminal music client.