Ovo Timer is an android application for fast and minimalistic countdown

Android Ovo Timer App for free and fast countdown

The Ovo Timer is one of the many free timer applications on the android market. What sets this timer apart from other free timers is the incredibly easy to use design. Perfect to use while cooking, no more hovering around the kitchen when you can set the timer on your phone and go tend to those things you would avoid doing while waiting for that cake to bake.

How does the Ovo Timer work?

The simple design of the Ovo Timer makes it easy to set and easy to read. Starting with the semi-circle, simply slide your finger around until it gets to the desired time. Once you lift your finger, the timer will start by showing how much time you have left. Instead of trying to figure out how much time you have left, the Ovo Timer gives you the information in a simple to read format. When the timer goes off, simply silence it by touching anywhere on the screen. If you have minimized the application, a notification will show up on your notifications bar to allow a quick and easy shut off. Tap the center of the circle to pause the timer, tap it again to let the timer start running again.

The application is available free in the Google Play Store and it does not take long to download at all. The application is a great addition to your routine schedule and allows you to meet those required time limits for things like exercising, breaks at work, and cooking in the kitchen. Time the kids as they play on the computer or watch television. Now you can know exactly when to make them get off without forgetting.  The use of the application is very versatile and even easier to incorporate to your daily routine.


The Ovo Timer has been an awesome tool to use around my house. I can be cooking, cleaning, or even out in the garden and never have I over cooked batch of cookies. When boredom starts to get to me, instead of aimlessly browsing around the Internet, I find things to do that require a time limit. This helps me manage my time better and lets me see exactly how productive my days can be. My cousins who are still kids know how to work the application while the youngest is only 4 years old. They know how to set it, how to dismiss the alarm, and how to pause it. With my uncle they use it for reading time, television time, baths, homework, and game time.
I can continue my daily cleaning without struggling with keeping up with the time. By far, one of the best applications I have ever found on the play store.

Ovo Timer in Play Market

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