Mumble versus TeamSpeak 3

Best Mumble 3 or TeamSpeak 3 best Voip Software

Whenever playing a multiplayer game on the PC there is no way that you can truly communicate with our friends unless you are using a voice-chat program. In today’s world you have three main choices: Ventrilo, TeamSpeak 3 and Mumble but only one is really worth using. The top two programs are Teamspeak3 and Mumble. Now when considering which of any two things you are going to use for any reason you will of course want the one that gives you the better options, costs less, and works better right?

Of course you will. It would be crazy to want something that did not work, costs you way too much money in the long run, and just caused you more pain and hassle than it was worth. If you are in agreement than you are going to want to use Mumble, even though you may not have heard of it. That’s right. The better of the two is a program that many people have not even heard of. How can that be?

See the opinion of Nixie Pixel what she thinks about Mumble and TeamSpeak 3 below.

Advertising my friend. TeamSpeak has been advertising for years in games, on the Internet, and in various other places. So it is no surprise that you probably have heard of it before. However, chances are that if you have heard of TeamSpeak you are also familiar with all the problems that seem to crop up whenever you join a game in which people are using it for chat.

I Fell in Love with Mumble

With Mumble you get options that TeamSpeak either does not have or cannot get to work right at all anyway. Things like proximity volume control. That’s right. You have the option with Mumble to allow the system to lower the sound of people who are farther away from you in-game. Another sweet option is volume normalization. How many times have you been playing a game just to have your ears blown out when a new player joins with his input volume jacked all the way up?! No more with Mumble.

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Let's Talk About Scalability and Usability

The Mumble server is called Murmur (cool names huh) and is very easy to set up. You can easily have up to 20 people talking at the same time and use less than 1-2 mbits per second in bandwidth. That is half of what TeamSpeak will use. If that is too much you can scale it down at the cost of sound quality, but not much. What about lag and latency? With Mumble there is hardly any. Under a second, which when compared to a few seconds with TeamSpeak there is really no doubt as to which is the better choice.

Timing and power is everything in a fast paced or multiplayer game. The last thing that you want is the communication app to slow you down. How does it help to hear a buddy scream, “I was just killed by the guys hiding behind those buildings” up to 4 seconds after he is already dead and you are now standing in front of those very same buildings! Mumble and its server clients are absolutely free and they run on Windows or Linux so you will not have any problems with set up. The only thing you will need to do is run the uninstall on TeamSpeak 3 so that you have more room for a real voice chat program!

Mumble wins this battle in point of my view. TeamSpeak 3 is closed source and they try to control it too much with licenses and make it profitable while Mumble which is open-source project offers everything as free and you can contribute for the Mumble community also since it's a open-source project.

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