Keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet of LXDE/Openbox.

Lubuntu cheatsheet for quick keyboard shortcuts on lxde or openbox environment

Sometimes you just wonder what kind of shortcuts your current operating system have, and most of us want to work more efficiently. Thats why LXDE/Openbox can be considered as good choice as it is offering good shortcuts for everyday use.


Name (operation) Binding
Show Desktop ctrl + d
Close window alt + f4
Send application to desktop shift + alt + arrow
Go to desktop (Up, down, left, right) ctrl + alt + arrow
Go to desktop (number) super + f1/f2/f3/f4
Hide window alt + esc
Window menu alt + space
Next window alt + tab
Previous window alt + shift + tab
Go to window (direction) super + shift + arrow
LXTask (task manager) ctrl + alt + del
Open terminal ctrl + alt + t
Lock screen ctrl + alt + l
Window list (sticky) ctrl + alt + tab
PCMan File Manager super + e / ctrl + alt + d
LXPanel Run super + r / alt + f2
LXPanel Menu alt + f1 / ctrl + esc

It’s easy to modify these binds by opening the file called rc.xml from ~/.config/openbox/
You can read more about how to change bindings from

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