How to host a Mumble Murmur server on Linux

How To Host Murmur Mumble Linux Server

Are you looking forward to speak with multiple of people same time? Mumble won’t disspoint you with it’s high-quality codecs, low latency and lightness. Did you know that Mumble was outlined for gamers? That implies that mumble is great for having group VoIP chat in-game or even at office.
With this tutorial “How to Host a Mumble/Murmur Server” we’re going through how to install and configure it on your Debian (Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc) and Arch based linux systems. Murmur is the server software behind the awesome Mumble client.

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First you have to forward the port on your router/firewall, the port number is 64738 on UCP/TCP protocols. 64738 is the default port number on Mumble’s Murmur but if you want to use something else as your port number we will come to that later on in this tutorial.

Installing MurMur a.k.a. Mumble Server

Now let’s get down to the business.
Debian / Ubuntu / Linux mint - from package repostory
# apt-get install mumble-server

From mumble’s ppa - highly recommended since you will get latest updates.
# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mumble/release
# sudo apt-get update
# sudo apt-get install mumble-server

# pacman -S murmur

Server settings

You can configure your murmur on Debian/Ubuntu with the command shown below but if you’re using Arch linux you should skip this part since the installation with pacman command includes postinstall script. Type the following command
# sudo dpkg-reconfigure mumble-server
next you will get 3 questions:

  • Autostart mumble-server (murmurd) on boot?
  • Allow mumble-server to use higher priority?
  • Password to set on SuperUser account.

MurMur Configuration

Next we will edit the config file and go through only most common stuff. You can find the server config file from this location:
Pop up the config file in your favorite text-editor/terminal
# sudo nano /etc/mumble-server.ini
Define greeting text that people will receive when they connect to your server.
# welcometext=Welcome to BlaBla mumble server, visit at BlaBla.Bla for more bla
Change your server port number or keep it default which is 64738.
# port=64738
Add password if you want only certain people to connect on your server.
# serverpassword=
Max of users that can connect to your server, default is 100.
# users=100
Uncomment these lines and add values. You should uncomment these only if you want to register your server on global mumble server and seen as a public server in mumble client.
Note if you want to use "RegisterPassword" you have to comment "serverpassword" line.
# RegisterName=BlaBla Mumble Server
# RegisterPassword=
# RegisterHostname=serverip

And you're ready to enjoy your Mumbling with friends!