Garry’s Mod Giving Error On Linux!

Gmod Giving me error 64-bit on linux

One day I decided to install and try Gmod aka Garry's Mod on my new linux computer just stretch my old memories of the game. But as I expected the game didn't started instantly as it seems to have problems to run on a 64-bit linux operating system.
The error I was getting with my Linux Mint 64-bit OS:
Problem: Error: Could not load library client

So I tried to run it via terminal to save the logs that were causing it. I found the fix while doing some google searching and I saw discussion on Garry's Mod Github page. And everyone told to try 32bit gConf Libraries.

How to Fix the Problem

Open up the terminal program from your softwares and type in:
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-multiarch
After installation restart your Steam client.
Now everything should work fine, smooth and no more any errors!

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