Efficient Multitasking without Rooting on Nexus 7 tablet

How to multitask on nexus 7 2013 version

After getting myself the Nexus 7 (2013 version) in late 2013, one of my major cribs with this otherwise amazing device was the lack of proper multitasking to switch between apps, while keeping all of them running; in the background. When most of us prefer to root our Android devices, to get access to more freedom and features, there might be a good chance to get your device bricked if you haven't done this before, almost 50% of rooting procedures end up in a bricked device. In addition, if your device is in its warranty period, any attempts to root, whether successful or unsuccessful; would immediately render the warranty void. I was able to get extreme multitasking done on my Nexus 7 without rooting or any tinkering; with the OS whatsoever. Read on to know how I did it.

Android users will know that downloading .apk files from the web and installing them is often more convenient, than using the play store as you get access to numerous versions and a whole lot of interesting new apps. However, there are quite a few multitasking apps available, on the Play Store too that do the job. The one I used was the Multitasking app Google Play Store and it did just that.

Start by installing the application in your device. Open the app and check the box to enable automatic launching on startup. This means that the app will be up and running in the background, whenever you switch on your Nexus 7 and will not terminate; unless you choose to manually close the app. Next, you can configure the work area limitations to set the space, the app window takes up; on your screen.

Using the sliding bar adjusts the Activation area, to the size; you are comfortable with. If you want easy access to it; set it to a large area.

The app also allows a number of other small, though handy features like allowing you to select the type of animation you want (when opening the multitasking drawer and opening apps), window sizing and also pinch-to-zoom features.

Using Multiple Windows for Multitasking

All you need to do to access the list of open apps is to slide your finger from the left to the right of the screen. A side menu opens up to the left where some apps and tools are listed. One problem here that I discovered was that the list of apps does not include any 3rd party apps. It has only system tools like the native browser, camera, recorder, maps, music player, video player, file explorer, compass and calculator.

Inclusion of third party apps would have been great, but given the fact that it does not require rooting; I don’t have any major complaints. I found the landscape mode to be more convenient, while using multitasking as it provides more area; useful when you want to get some serious reading work done.

Though, it’s a free app, the number of windows you can simultaneously use depends on your 'credits'. These can be earned by rating the app (4 credits), sharing their page on facebook (2 credits) and liking those (5 credits) or by watching ads (3 credits). While this may seem a bit irritating, but it’s one of the few ways developers can make some money; out of their free apps.