About Brio Team

Welcome to our website! We aim to cover a lot of topics here at Brio Team from Linux servers to tips and tricks to self-improvement and life skills and many more.
Our goal is to provide quality articles to our readers.


Meaning behind the word “Brio” is liveliness and sparking the life. This is us, we try to provide as many life helping and self-improvement tutorials as we can. Because this is our style, to be “alive” and find new ways to co-op with life difficulties.

Brio Team was started as Skate Team with some friends in 2001. We used to film and make skate movies for our own fun. But when we did grow eventually, some of started to become more and more interested in visual media and in content, some of us started to programming and some started music bands. We decided to bring many of these things under the one place. To share with people and write quality topics. But of course we haven’t stopped skateboarding and this website has nothing to do with skateboarding anymore.