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Android Ovo Timer App for free and fast countdown

The Ovo Timer is one of the many free timer applications on the android market. What sets this timer apart from other free timers is the incredibly easy to use design. Perfect to use while cooking, no more hovering around the kitchen when you can set the timer on your phone and go tend to those things you would avoid doing while waiting for that cake to bake.

Aviate Android Launcher Application

Aviate is an Android launcher app acquired by Yahoo back in January that officially left the beta stage a mere couple months ago. This means that visitors of the Google Play store can now try the Android launcher first-hand.

How to Encrypt Files from Command line with ccrypt

Linux have suitable number of tools that make file encrypting fast and smooth. But there’s only few available that work in command line only. The encrypting tool without gui is the best in server environments where you can include… also why not for desktop if you’re just like me who uses more terminal than other programs. The one of the best picks that I’ve found is Ccrypt.

How to multitask on nexus 7 2013 version

After getting myself the Nexus 7 (2013 version) in late 2013, one of my major cribs with this otherwise amazing device was the lack of proper multitasking to switch between apps, while keeping all of them running; in the background. When most of us prefer to root our Android devices, to get access to more freedom and features, there might be a good chance to get your device bricked if you haven't done this before, almost 50% of rooting procedures end up in a bricked device.

Linux vs FreeBSD - Significant differences between these two operating systems

For most users, the difference between Linux and FreeBSD is not something significant, as the two operating systems frequently share even the same applications. Both of these Operating Systems are UNIX like, in their form and function; while they are developed mainly for non-commercial interests. However, on taking a closer look one can uncover more differences between the two.

Vittorio Romeo Open-Hexagon

Developer Vittorio Romeo have made Open-Hexagon which is a free open-source alternative for Super Hexagon. We courage you to support the original developer, Terry Cavanagh by buying the Super Hexagon, because he has put so much effort making such an awesome puzzle game.

Night-friendly addons to dim your web browser colors

Most of us likes to browse computer during the night time. But here’s the problem, most of websites use bright colors and you know how much a regular bright color can hurt your eyes. In long term use it will damage your eyes.
These following addons will help you to browse internet during the night time, inverting websites’ colors in negative. Addons that are represented in here are especially made for popular and peoples favorite browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

Believe or not, some people still wonder why they should quit smoking even in this day and age. You should quit smoking because it is extremely unhealthy; it is as simple as that. The nicotine that the cigarette companies put in cigarettes is very addictive. When you quit smoking, you will receive so many benefits. You will be able to breathe better; you will not have to worry about developing lung cancer, and you will also smell better. As a matter of fact, you will even save money because you will not be spending it on cigarettes. Thankfully, there are twelve easy ways to quit smoking.


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