Blog: January 2013

Daily Habits you should do daily to get healthier life
Tutorial how to install tightvnc server on linux
Four different steps to improve your memory

As much as we rely on technology these days, our brains are more powerful than any computer. What most of us fail to realize however is that just like a computer we can add memory to our brains. Well, it is actually more like improving our memory and there are multiple ways to do just that. For starters though, let’s just stick with the main methods of doing so. Here are four of the easiest for anybody to do at almost any time.

Lubuntu cheatsheet for quick keyboard shortcuts on lxde or openbox environment

Sometimes you just wonder what kind of shortcuts your current operating system have, and most of us want to work more efficiently. Thats why LXDE/Openbox can be considered as good choice as it is offering good shortcuts for everyday use.

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