The Aviate Android Launcher App Leaves the Beta Stage

Aviate Android Launcher Application

Aviate is an Android launcher app acquired by Yahoo back in January that officially left the beta stage a mere couple months ago. This means that visitors of the Google Play store can now try the Android launcher first-hand.

For anyone unfamiliar as to what an Android launcher is, it basically replaces a user’s home screen from where apps are launched. Evidently, it could be asked as to why such an app is required. The difference between Aviate and your humble home screen is that it not only adds additional features, but its artificial intelligence is able to display apps dependant on a number of factors, such as the time of day, and your current location. Users still have access to all the apps and features contained on their phone; they are just presented in a new and unique way.

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed when using Aviate when it was in its beta phase was how easy it was to use, in fact, as it worked straight out-of-the-box, my grandma was able to pick up and use it immediately, as there was no requirement to configure it beforehand, it’s all done for you. This is one of the main selling points of Aviate. Android phones can be a little tricky to use for first time users, and locating apps can be something of a hindrance due to an interface that can become very cluttered, very quickly. Of course, that has not to say it cannot be personalized if you wish, but if you a first-time user there is nothing to worry about.

Thankfully, the straightforward setup continues into its current guise, as does the organization of your apps, which are automatically assigned into Collections, a series of app folders that are shown on the second screen. This approach to organization means that the cluttered collections of apps you're used to seeing is now a thing of the past and you can enjoy how clean and sharp everything looks as you enjoy an easier way of finding your apps.

Going back to the customization options, if you do want to alter how things look and work, then there are more than enough options to keep the more seasoned of users happy. The home screen can be edited to show an image or a widget, of if you prefer a mixture of both. There is also a light theme and dark theme to choose from when setting your preferences. There is also a feature that keeps certain widgets hidden in case you don’t need to access them all of the time or you’re not overly impressed with how they look on your Android phone.
One of the features that stand out on Aviate is the contextual awareness feature. This means that Aviate is able to determine what apps to display and when. Using the location and the time of day, Aviate will present the users with apps it thinks may be applicable to that current scenario. Therefore, your time in work may present you with a different set of apps then if you were walking round a mall, or simply enjoying a walk.


There is no question that Aviate won’t be for everyone, many will remain loyal to the standard Android home screen and some even enjoy viewing all their apps in one swoop. Others may not use their phone enough to make the employment of such an app worthwhile. However, there is no denying how organized Aviate is. It tidies up your home screen, presents you with apps for different sections of your day and has a nice balance between the usability and the personalization.

Aviate Launcher in Play Market

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