Social Skills - Have a perfect conversation with stranger

There is always room for improvement. Refining conversational skills is essential to break those awkward silences. Every person is different from another. A combination of a specific mind-set and creative methods help to start a conversation. It is necessary to apply concepts to increase the attention of the listener. As a speaker, you should look for the right lines and conversation starters that steal the show. Read ahead as I provide details related to vital pickup lines or conversational starters.

How to find the right path to your life and how to escape your comfort zone

People who stay within their comfort zone will never experience the true meaning of life. A comfort zone prevents experiencing rather unusual circumstances and unique involvements. Self-experiences and surroundings are major role players to develop an easy zone for a person. There is a great difference to the outside world of relaxed zone. It is necessary to come out of the self-created zone to experience the true meaning of life. Continue to read ahead as we provide information related to the steps that will help in escaping from the comforts of life.

Under the hood of PS4 - FreeBSD and Linux opensource

There is an intimate relationship between culture and technology—the one invariably comes to influence the other. The Industrial Revolution and the factory conditions they gave rise to likewise created—for better and for worse—the first precursors to the modern work week and wage pay. All you have to do is look to the literary responses of everyone from Charles Dickens and then later T.S. Eliot and D.H. Lawrence to see the cultural impact that the Industrial Revolution and increased emphasis on technology has had on modernity and, as a result, the way in which friends, families and our greatest authors all came to express themselves as a result of—and in response to—that technological revolution. What the Industrial Revolution and its subsequent phases meant for those writers and everything from the telephone to the Internet to the 3-minute Hot Pocket has meant for the collective cultural consciousness of the last century, the winds of change are clear—

Gmod Giving me error 64-bit on linux

One day I decided to install and try Gmod aka Garry's Mod on my new linux computer just stretch my old memories of the game. But as I expected the game didn't started instantly as it seems to have problems to run on a 64-bit linux operating system.

Hello guys! I wrote an article to Squidoo about how to install teamspeak 3 server on linux, it's really simple and easy tutorial, I'd be pleased if you check it out ! :) And also tell me your thoughts about it.

EDIT: My Squidoo article got removed but here's new link to the tutorial hosted on our website:

Four different steps to improve your memory

As much as we rely on technology these days, our brains are more powerful than any computer. What most of us fail to realize however is that just like a computer we can add memory to our brains. Well, it is actually more like improving our memory and there are multiple ways to do just that. For starters though, let’s just stick with the main methods of doing so. Here are four of the easiest for anybody to do at almost any time.

Lubuntu cheatsheet for quick keyboard shortcuts on lxde or openbox environment

Sometimes you just wonder what kind of shortcuts your current operating system have, and most of us want to work more efficiently. Thats why LXDE/Openbox can be considered as good choice as it is offering good shortcuts for everyday use.



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