April is coming choose and it means that Windows XP support will end

Windows XP the old good fellow’s support is coming to end of the road. Don’t worry, we will list few of the best Linux flavored alternatives to your reliable Microsoft Windows XP. Many of us would rather not upgrade the PC system since the upgrading can cost a lot of money and the newest Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 wouldn’t work on your old hardware. We’ve handpicked 6 best alternatives that are easy to use just like the XP. We will also go through the most useful software stack in this article that you can find from Linux or the alternatives to your favorite softwares.

PlayStation 4 FREEBSD operating system OpenSource

The Sony PlayStation 4 was released on 15th of november 2013 in USA. Right after the release Sony released list on their website that includes open-source software used on their system. Also as we can see it includes “Unix-sequel” FreeBSD Kernel. The PS4’s Orbis OS is highly based on FreeBSD kernel.

Good spotify Alternative for Linux

I was looking for very simple Spotify alternative for Linux that would work just like the mplayer. So I found Poor Man’s Spotify which was exactly what I was looking for.
PMS is command line music client which requires mplayer to work and is programmed with python. This is good alternative for Linux geeks like me who just like to keep it really simple and lightweight as possible! With PMS you can create playlists, search for music and download music.

Connect Ubuntu Linux with Your Android Mobile KDE Connect

Even though everyone seems to use both computers and mobile devices all the time, they’re very much separate experiences each with their own quirks, their own set of apps, their own notifications, and so on. Currently the only connection that these two share is that they’re both forms of computing devices, just that one is more portable than the other. But given that we use both of these kinds of devices all the time, it would stand to reason that we should put them together somehow. It’d be nice if we could see what’s happening on our phone that’s likely sitting next to us without taking our eyes off the monitor screen.

Tutorial how to install TS3 server on linux

TeamSpeak 3 was released in 2011. It has many good features compared to older version TeamSpeak 2. It's good for clans and gaming communities, take it to the next level with your community. But why not for offices and work also, Where you have to be connected with your work mates 24/7. This is one way to have secure and controlled environment for your work or community. This guide will lead you how to install TeamSpeak 3 for linux server or home computer.

Make your Ubuntu work Faster with these 3 Simple Steps

In spite of the way that Ubuntu 13.10 is superbly stable, individuals who use older computers frequently end up constrained to utilizing lighter desktop shells like Xfce or Fluxbox environments. With some tweaks, they could switch to Ubuntu and make it perform quicker on their old computers. Below I've listed 3 useful ways to give a new life to your old laptop or desk computer.

Best Mumble 3 or TeamSpeak 3 best Voip Software

Whenever playing a multiplayer game on the PC there is no way that you can truly communicate with our friends unless you are using a voice-chat program. In today’s world you have three main choices: Ventrilo, TeamSpeak 3 and Mumble but only one is really worth using. The top two programs are Teamspeak3 and Mumble. Now when considering which of any two things you are going to use for any reason you will of course want the one that gives you the better options, costs less, and works better right?

How To Host Murmur Mumble Linux Server

Are you looking forward to speak with multiple of people same time? Mumble won’t disspoint you with it’s high-quality codecs, low latency and lightness. Did you know that Mumble was outlined for gamers? That implies that mumble is great for having group VoIP chat in-game or even at office.

Linux based SteamOS for gamers developed by Valve

Steam has made quite a name for itself over the last few years with PC gaming. Over the last year they have been putting a lot of work into Linux and porting many of their games over to the OS. While no one knew why for sure, they finally made the announcement that everyone was waiting for, SteamOS.


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