6 Best Linux Alternatives for Microsoft Windows XP

April is coming choose and it means that Windows XP support will end

Windows XP the old good fellow’s support is coming to end of the road. Don’t worry, we will list few of the best Linux flavored alternatives to your reliable Microsoft Windows XP. Many of us would rather not upgrade the PC system since the upgrading can cost a lot of money and the newest Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 wouldn’t work on your old hardware. We’ve handpicked 6 best alternatives that are easy to use just like the XP. We will also go through the most useful software stack in this article that you can find from Linux or the alternatives to your favorite softwares.
The Windows XP support is ending 8 of April, you can check yourself the countdown from Microsoft's website.

Why to Choose Linux Over Windows 7 or 8

No anti-virus software required
You don’t need to install any anti-virus software on Linux. Linux is safe and secure itself. You will never have to worry about installing any anti-virus softwares or getting your computer infected by any viruses, adware, malware or trojans.

Try Before Installing with Live-CD
Almost all Linux operating systems offer Live-CD distribution which you can install really easily on USB or burn to DVD. Boot up the Live-CD and try the operating system without getting rid of your current OS. Afterwards you can decide wether to install it on your machine or not. That’s how the Live-CD works, no installation required to try the operating system.

Stop Hunting the Drivers for Your PC
In general Linux distros work really great out-of-box because many of the drivers are included within the Linux Kernel, so no need to hunt down the needed drivers like in Windows. But if you're a heavy user and need drivers for such as gaming GFX cards or for the new sound card you can still find the needed drivers, most of them are pre-included in popular distros such as Ubuntu (or ubuntu based) and Debian (or debian based) operating systems.

The most valuable applications from XP are available also on most of the Linux Distros

Mozilla & Chrome Web Browsers
Our favorite applications such as Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome can be found pre-installed from most of the Linux operating systems. They work just as same as they work on Windows.

Is really good OutLook alternative and is an open source project with regular updates.

Microsoft Office alternatives
From any Linux operating systems you can find either LibreOffice or OpenOffice preinstalled. Both of them are an open source projects and both of them has huge community developing and working on the projects. They are pretty much identical to the Microsoft’s own Office software stack and has many other features beyond of the Office Suite’s also.

LibreOffice vs OpenOffice
There’s not almost any difference between these "word suites" but it’s really good option for people since they can choose which they prefer more. There might be slight changes between them. LibreOffice is preinstalled on many Linux OS’s.

For most of us who work remotely Skype is pretty valuable, Microsoft is pushing their own native application for linux distros from their own website which is really good.

The Six Linux Distributions

Lubuntu is a energy-saving, fast and lightweight variant of Ubuntu that runs on top of the LXDE windows environment. Lubuntu supports wide range of hardware and is really easy to use.


Linux Mint
Linux Mint is currently top operating system on Linux category according to the DistroWatch website. I don’t recommend the main version of the operating system because it’s targeted to the new computers. Mint has a XFCE edition which is lightweight and runs smoothly even on old computers.


PCLinuxOS was founded in 2003 in USA and since then they have been working on it to make it PC look-a-like. This is one of the easiest for you if you haven’t tried any other Linux OS before and is easier for you who have been using Microsoft’s Windows.


LXLE is a stable and solid operating system and has similar features as in Windows 7. This operating system uses heavily optimized LXDE user interface which guarantees that the performance won't hurt even when using an older PC system.


Puppy Linux
This Linux is lightweight, cute and simple just like the real puppies. Works out of the box just like charm and doesn’t need any heavy configurations. Boots up really fast even on old hardware. It doesn’t take much hard drive space, the operating itself is just 100 MB!


Simplicity Linux
Simplicity Linux is based on Puppy Linux, which guarantees the lightness but also the updates of good applications. Simplicity looks more like OS X stylish than XP but it has all the same functions as in others and is very easy to use. I’d recommend this if you’re looking for something new and fresh but also light and fast OS.


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