Ubuntu — 3 Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Old Computer

Make your Ubuntu work Faster with these 3 Simple Steps

In spite of the way that Ubuntu 13.10 is superbly stable, individuals who use older computers frequently end up constrained to utilizing lighter desktop shells like Xfce or Fluxbox environments. With some tweaks, they could switch to Ubuntu and make it perform quicker on their old computers. Below I've listed 3 useful ways to give a new life to your old laptop or desk computer.


Preload is a system service which monitors the system applications on your computer. It can learn how your applications behave and so load them into memory so the applications can start faster. Preload like the name says will "Preload" automatically application's files in to memory when you boot your computer. By time you keep using this software you will notice how much faster your applications launch. This is good application to have when you run Ubuntu with low-end computer.

Preload isn't installed by default on Ubuntu even though some distros include this snappy software by default.
Install Preload with the following command:
sudo apt-get install preload

Dash Blur Effect

Disabling Blur effect from your Dash will help you accelerate your desktop in incredible measures. When this well-known memory hog is disabled you'll have the capacity to revel in a much speedier desktop with your old computer system without loosing any features.

To impact on this memory hog, you have to install Unity Tweak Tool first. This tool is an essential piece of software for getting most out of your Ubuntu desktop. Unity Tweak Tool gives you all-in-one package the needed tools to edit your desktop appearance, themes and so on.
Install Unity-tweak-tool with the following command:

sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool

Now open up the application, and click under "Unity" tab named "Search", and then disable "Background blur".

Online Suggestions

You can disable this right under the Blur option, "Search Online Sources". Also under the "Applications" text in "Search" tab you can try to disable "Show More Suggestions" and "Show Recently Closed Applications" options, since this could improve your performance just a little bit more.


With this kinda small tweaking and removal you can improve bit more your old computer and run Ubuntu fluently in it. If you don't just like interface of Ubuntu's Unity then you should consider about switching to Xcfe, Fluxbox or any other desktop environment.

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