12 Easy Steps to a Smoke-free Life

Believe or not, some people still wonder why they should quit smoking even in this day and age. You should quit smoking because it is extremely unhealthy; it is as simple as that. The nicotine that the cigarette companies put in cigarettes is very addictive. When you quit smoking, you will receive so many benefits. You will be able to breathe better; you will not have to worry about developing lung cancer, and you will also smell better. As a matter of fact, you will even save money because you will not be spending it on cigarettes. Thankfully, there are twelve easy ways to quit smoking.

Set a deadline to stop smoking

Setting a deadline will give you a goal to work toward. Choose a date that is two or three weeks away from the day that you set the deadline. The short deadline will help you stay on track and not find a reason to give up on quitting smoking. After all, people sometimes find reasons to start smoking again. Do not be one of those people.

Let people know

Let your friends and family members know that you are in the process of quitting smoking. If you can, find someone else who is trying to quit smoking. You both can help each other during the tough withdrawal symptom phase.

Make your environment a smoke-free one

Get rid of all cigarette products that are inside of your house. This includes not only cigarettes but also ashtrays, lighters, matches and any other items that are associated with smoking. In fact, if you can, you should try to get rid of the smell of cigarettes from your house. That may help you quit smoking a little faster.

Hardships are unavoidable

Plan to experience some hardships while you are trying to quit smoking. It happens to the majority of people who quit smoking. However, when you expect something, it does not catch you off guard. Therefore, plan for a way to overcome your hardships.

Know and avoid your triggers

Avoid drinking alcohol or coffee because these beverages can trigger nicotine cravings. Replace those beverages with fruit juice or water. As well, after many smokers finish eating, they want to smoke cigarettes. Instead of doing that, you should replace the cigarettes with desert, such as chocolate or fruit.

Calm your cravings

Chewing on something like sugar-free gum or sunflowers seeds can help you calm nicotine cravings. As well, it can distract your attention away from the nicotine cravings. Exercising is another way to calm nicotine cravings, especially nicotine cravings that come from stress. In addition, it can also work as a way to get your mind off of cigarettes.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Constantly remind yourself why you want to quit smoking because you sometimes lose sight of the reasons. This will help you reinforce and obtain your goal.

Do not switch one bad habit for another

Do not try to replace cigarettes with smoke-free tobacco, also known as spit tobacco. It contains the same addictive ingredients as cigarettes. As a matter of fact, smoke-free tobacco is worst than cigarettes because the body directly absorbs the chemicals.

Reward yourself

Everyday that you do not smoke, give yourself a treat. It will give you positive reinforcement so that you will be more likely to continue on the path to a life beyond smoking. It could be something like a piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream.

Avoid temptation

Avoid places where smokers are present. At some point in your life, you will be able to enter a place or area with smokers and not feel tempted. However, that point in your life has not arrived yet. Try your best to avoid those places by any means necessary; it will make your road to a smoke-free life a little easier.

If at first you do not succeed then try again

If you have a relapse and start smoking again, do not become disheartened. After all, you are only human. Besides, not many people can quit smoking on their very first attempt. You need to analyze the situation and find out what exactly caused you to relapse. Once you do that then you will be able to get back on track to a smoke-free life.

Seek professional help if needed

If you need any additional help then you should consult with a doctor. He or she can address your concerns and help you find a way to quit smoking. As well, he or she can prescribe medication that can help you cope with withdrawal.

Final words

When all is said and done, quitting smoking is a great but difficult thing to do for many people. However, if you follow the previous mentioned advice then you will be able to achieve your goal rid yourself of the effects of smoking. Do not wait to experience life beyond the smoke.

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